Pray for children

A note from Trish

Hi, My name is Patricia to some I am called Trish which is the signature name I have chosen for this blog. I am married to Michael for 31 years now and I am a mother to three daughters and two sons who are now young adults but still our children.  I like to go to Mass and I try to spend time with Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration each day. My favourite book is the Bible because here I read and learn about God my Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am not a scripture scholar,  I am just a simple mother.  I do not have degrees and I have a basic education.  I do have letters after my name SINS.  I major in sin but work on improving so I will be without sin when I meet my maker.

This blog has come as a result of prayer and is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The aim of the blog is to promote prayer for children. Being a parent with grown up children, I see the need to pray for them daily.  My children are not mine, they belong to God and I am asked by Him to care for them as their mother. When a problem is too great for me to handle, I bring it to God in prayer and ask Him to help me and to guide me.  I pray for the protection of young people daily as there are so many temptations to lead them astray.

You might ask why pray for children? Will my prayers be even answered?

I can only speak from my own experiences. Being a mother nowadays is not an easy task.  There are so many wants needs and demands from children and young people.  Not all these are good or even necessary. 

As a Catholic mom I have tried to bring my children up in the Catholic faith and now I find that they no longer as young adults want to practice it. Throughout the years when difficulties have arisen I have gone to my Jesus in prayer and placed my children on the patten at Mass and offered them to God. Some of my prayers have been answered.  It may have taken years but God listens and answers in His time. 

As a mother, I have found it vital to pray for my children.  It helps me to be strong and to get answers as to what to do for them and I am not alone with them.  God who has created them is with me and them helping us along the way.

I have encountered many trails and difficulties in the rearing of my children, but my strength has always been in my prayer.  It has helped me to deal with the problems and has even got answers when least expected. Each day has good and not so good moments but each day also has prayer for my children at the centre of it.

I urge parents, teachers, grandparents, priests and anyone who works with children or young people to pray for them.  The times we live in are often empty of prayer so please spend a little time each day bringing children to the Lord in prayer, they need it.


God bless,

Meet Michael

Michael, my husband, friend and father to our five children, has kindly taken on the job of writing the monthly intention posts since January 2014. I am delighted to welcome him to the pray for children blog and I thank him for all his help and work. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to prepare and write each months intention.

God bless