Finding God in the wonder of His Creation

God reveals Himself to us all the time in His Creation, in His Sacred Word and in His Son, Jesus Christ. It is through faith that we are able to see truth.

How do we see God in everyday life?

How do we teach our children to recognise God?

At Mass today the young African priest was speaking about knowledge. He said it was best to keep things simple and not to follow a head full of theology but to follow a heart filled with the knowledge and love of God which has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

We can allow God to lead and inspire us if we so choose. For me, I find God in Creation. I open my eyes and I see the beauty that only God has created all around me. As a child, my dear dad developed in me a love of nature, especially in the birds of the air. In this teaching, I could see God every day, all around me, and discover Him in each and every moment. Finding God in His Creation can draw one so much deeper into contemplation of His Sacred Word.

Here, I have put together some photos that I have taken over the years. I have added quotes from Sacred Scripture to help you to see and contemplate God in His beautiful and wonderful creation.

The Word of God and the Creation of God, together, make a powerful tool for contemplation.

Teach your children to see God in nature; in the tiniest flower, a blade of grass, a bird, a tree, a cloud, in the rain, the wind, etc. Life is so beautiful when you are surrounded with the wonder and splendour of God's creation.

God's revelation in creation 1

God's revelation in creation 2

God's revelation in creation 3

God's revelation in creation 4