Simple little prayers for children to say

A Prayer for the all the children of the World

O Sweet Jesus, O Most Loving Child, bring blessings to God’s little ones. Protect them from the harms in sight and make them holy in their life. Bestow on them much happiness and fill their little hearts with Joy. Guard them from all injury and shield them from all pain and strife. Assist them in their daily prayer and their purity of heart preserve. Help them to remain a child until it’s time for them to grow. May they fill God’s world with happiness and peace and make it a wonderful place of love. Thank you O Most Loving Child and this our prayer, to God please take.



A child's Christmas prayer to Jesus.  

Dear Jesus, 

my mommy said I should write to you

with a list of all the things

I'd like to get this Christmas Day.


When I awake on Christmas morn

I would like a heart that can say thanks

to you, my family and my friends.

Then I would like my eyes to see

all the goodness that’s around me.


I would like my voice to say 

kind things to everyone I meet

And my ears to hear the wonderful

sounds that linger in the street


I would like my hands to be one's that help

The people all around me 

and my feet to be great messengers 

for those who may be not so young. 

I would like to share my toys and sweets

And give to others a little treat.


I would like to see you in the crib

And kneel and pray for a little while.

I would like to light a tiny white candle

And watch it as it glows.


I would like to eat a great big meal

And stuff myself with sticky cakes.

I would like to help with the washing up

So I can see my mommy smile.


I would like to spend some time at play

and be happy and contented.

When bed time comes, I would like

To say my prayers of thanks to you.


I hope my letter's not too long

And I havn’t asked you for too much.

Please do the very best you can.

All my love and hugs and kisses.


Signed, A little boy.


A prayer to Mary

Dear Mary, mother of the baby Jesus,

I want to thank you for your little new born son.

I see him in a manger in a stable full of straw

And I wonder what it must be like, no bed, no blankets

And no soft pillows.


He lies so still and quiet not a single sound around

Except for cattle lowing and the depts of winter blowing.

You sit and gaze upon him with wonder and amazement,

For t'is no ordinary child who lies there but

A God and King, made man.


Please tell Him that I love Him and I am trying to be good.

I want to get to know Him Like I really really should.

I will whisper to him every day

And tell him all my news.

I would even like to try and walk in his holy little shoes.


My dearest mother Mary, what else can I say

Except a great big hug and thank you

For this precious gift from God in Heaven

To a child on earth below.


A Childs prayer to Jesus

I am only a little person, but I want to tell you that I love you.

When I fall down on the ground you pick me up. When I cry and my eyes are all messy and wet you wipe them dry. When I am playing with my friends you are playing with me too. When I laugh out loud you hear me and you smile back.

When I am grumpy and cross with others you wait for me to smile again. When I say I am sorry you open your arms and give me a great big hug. Dear Jesus even though I am only little I am big enough to say I love you.


Prayer of a hungry child

Can you hear me Jesus, are you out there? I am hungry, I have no food. My parents have gone and I am left here to die.

Can you hear me Jesus, are you out there? My lips are all dry and my mouth is so sore. I need a drink of water can you please find me some?

Can you hear me Jesus, are you out there? I'm here in the gutter with nowhere to sleep. My skin is all dirty and i do feel the cold, could you find me some shelter and a warm bed to sleep. If your out there dear Jesus, can you please help me quick. I can't hold on much longer i'm far too frail and weak. Can you hear me Jesus?


Prayer of a sick child to Jesus

Ouch, it hurts but never mind I will make you a gift of my sufferings and pain. For years they've done tests but nothing has worked. The pain just gets deeper and my mommy she cries. I love you my Jesus, and all I can do is offer my pain and suffering to you. I want to get better and play with my friends but for you my sweet Jesus i will suffer to the end. Please give me the strength I need to show love and help mom and dad to just understand that sometimes my Jesus, you allow us to share the pain and suffering that you lingered in. Ouch it hurts but never mind you are with me my Jesus right here to the end.


Prayer of a lonely child

I am sitting here all alone, I'm lonely and I'm sad. My mom has died and my dad is gone and I feel abandoned and alone. Some strangers wash and dress me and even give me food, but what I need most of all is a mighty great big hug. I need someone who will love me, just for who I am. I need a mommy and a daddy that I can call my own. I'd like a brother and a sister and we could play together. Oh God I am so lonely will you help me find a friend.


Prayer of a child being bullied

Oh Jesus can you help me I am frightened and alone. Someone I know is bullying me and          I have nowhere else to go. I'm afraid to tell my teacher and I just can’t tell my mam. My friends will only make things worse, please help me as you can. O Jesus can you help me this person that I spoke of will just not let me be. They punch me and they call me names, and I just want to die. Please find a way to see me through the awful mess I'm in. I want them just to go away and leave me be, in peace. They say you are a gentle God, so loving and so kind. Please help this person to be good and start behaving as they should. I thank you for the listening ear and pray that you will quell my fear.


I'm sorry God

I'm sorry God that I was bold. I didn't do what I was told. I screamed, I shouted, I said not nice things, and do you know God, I was really annoyed. I'm sorry God, I made my mam cross, I hurt her feelings and I made her sad. I'll try to do better God, for you yes I'll try. I want to help mom and I want to help dad. I'd like to be nice to all of my friends, But do you know God, I could do with some help. I'll kiss mommy better and she won't be sad. I won't scream and shout and I'll try to be good. I'm sorry God for hurting you too. From now on I'll do only the things that you want. I'm sorry God, I have to go. It's time for bed for me and my ted.


Charlie if you put ...

Charlie has hit me and I do want to fight. Charlie has hit me and he's full of delight.

Charlie has hurt me and I'm feeling sad. Our friendship is broken and he's made me mad. All of these things are not right or good but Charlie has hit me and it’s really not fair. Please help me Jesus to do what is right. Help me sweet Jesus cause I want to fight. Charlie has hit me what can I do? Please teach me to love him just like you do.

Charlie if you put another finger on me, I'll love ye.